Own It, Don't Carry It

With a sleek designer vision and the innovative combination of old methods with new technologies, ‎Hampibag is much more than a simple fashion accessory. The Hampibag is designed to be held ‎comfortably, carry all your important belongings and compliment your outfit  - day or night. With Hampibag in your hand, you can do everything while looking spectacular!

What Is Hampibag?

Hampi creation was first inspired by magical Hampi, a town in Karnataka, southwestern ‎India, where originality and minimalism is not just a matter of saying, it’s a mantra. ‎

Hampibag is an innovative, minimalist designed handbag that perfectly combines traditional ‎handwork with advanced methodologies and technology.

All ‎Hampibags are made by a unique process that includes distinctive handwork and materials. Besides being extremely durable, lightweight and uniquely designed, ‎the Hampibag is completely vegan-friendly. Thanks to the endless design possibilities and the ‎Hampibag's awesome quality, it’s a great fashion item for both men and women.

After a short promotional period of our unique Hampibag, we have received so many demands for the product that we've decided to make it available online! Hampibags are easy to carry around and don’t wear out over time.

The Minds Behind Hampibag

Behind the sensational Hampibag stands a three-man crew of inventors and designers, as well as long hours of research and a lifetime of pursuing beautiful, smart and practical design solutions. 

Ohad Rachel Imeno

After completing his mechanical engineering degree from Ruppin Academic Center and with a background in team management, project development and creating technical solutions, Ohad is the technical manager and team-designer of Hampibag.

Adam Rachel Imeno

Following a long stay in France during which he was inspired to fulfill his desire to impact the field of fashion, Adam came prepared to use his experience and head Hampibag's marketing division.

Aviv Rozenfeld

With his industrial design degree from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design and a rich and varied background in product development, Aviv manages the company's product design and development department.


Using their diverse backgrounds in both engineering and design, the founders have successfully created a stylish and practical set of products which come in various sizes, and are made of Pal Foam - a lightweight, strong and beautiful raw material with vast design features.

Get Yours Today

We invite you to enjoy your own Hampibag - fashion that’s fun to wear. Order your new Hampibag today!

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