white clutch bag white clutch bag Sale
white clutch bag
$38.00 $54.00
Sport a new look every day with this lightweight Hampibag Clutch. ‎Measures: 30c”m x 20c”m,  Weight: 100gr,  Material: Palfoam. Free...
all black 40x20 bag all black 40x20 bag Sale
all black 40x20 bag
$38.00 $54.00
Beautiful raw material with great design features.‎       ‎Measures: 40c”m x 15c”m,  Weight: 100gr,  Material: Palfoam.
red classic bag red classic bag Sale
red classic bag
$44.00 $64.00
Hampibag Classic is an inspired crossroads of haute couture and practicality for ‎today's on-the-go lifestyles.‎ Measures: 30c”m x 30c”m,  Weight:...


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